We have had a sauna for several years now, which can be used by all guests in consultation.

Shower building and outdoor kitchen

For our campers we have a shower building and outdoor kitchen, where recently a toilet has been added.

Jeu de Boules

We built a pétanque lane. A naturist’s residence can’t really do without it. We had a good chunk of land left next to Casita ‘La Pila’, which we didn’t do anything with. It was really just an ugly piece with a nice view. Now we have a pétanque course with a seat, a swing bench and of course balls for our guests to use.


We have converted the terrace in front of our house into a conservatory. This conservatory has many doors so that it remains a cool place in the summer. In early spring and late autumn and of course in winter it is a pleasant warm place where it is good to stay. We have all kinds of games and of course there can be lounged in the seating area. We also now have a large table where ten people can easily sit. Cosy!

Wine cellar

After a lot of work by ourselves and others we recently found a wine cellar in a second cave that we found on our property. We have now stored quite a few local wines that are waiting for the connoisseurs among our guests. We tasted these wines ourselves during visits to the local bodegas, all of which bear the title Denominacion de Origen Jumilla (the local seal of approval). They are without exception delicious wines that are among the top wines in the area.


Ever since we live in Casa de cinco Hermanos it has been our desire to set up a library for our guests. Now that we have made room in the office, that has also proved possible. We have obtained an old book count for the day and put more than 500 books in it. These books are all available for guests to read during their stay. There is everything and everything, from (popular) science to comic books and from literature to “flutro males”. In short, something for everyone.