In our region there are many opportunities for outdoor activities. On this page we list the possibilities.

Since we want to continue to expand this page with our discoveries of possibilities, we describe here in a brief way here and then refer to an underlying page with more information. In this way, everyone can select themselves, depending on the interest.


Spain is surprisingly a very suitable country for a walking holiday. There are Gran Recorridos (marked white-red) in all Spanish regions, which run throughout the country. From these Gran Recorridos, Pequeño Recorridos (marked white-yellow) walk into the surrounding, beautiful and interesting areas as ramifications.

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Cycling is very possible everywhere in the region. There's something for everyone. The rolling valleys lend themselves to recreational cycling and the slopes of the mountains for sporty cycling over the caminos (unpaved but easily passable roads). But also the die-hard mountain biker can enjoy the less passable paths with steep slopes.

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In the mountainous country called Spain with its climate producing little wind, it is well paragliding. Casa de cinco Hermanos has made contact with an organization that organises flights and courses for tourists. There are possibilities in the province of Alicante but also in the vicinity of Casa de cinco Hermanos. Double flights (together with an experienced pilot) are also possible.

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