It is very quiet at our place, but certainly not boring. If you have a car, you can visit the many interesting towns, villages and other sights in the beautiful surroundings. Most of them are a stone’s throw away. In addition, a visit to one of the local bodegas is highly recommended, Jumilla even has its own wine museum. You can get a tour at many bodegas and taste your own wines while enjoying them.

Spain also has its own national dance, flamenco. There is an authentic cave in nearby Abanilla, where performances of traditional Flamenco are given. We are happy to book an evening for you, with tapas and wine, while you can enjoy this dance and music.

Hiking and mountain biking in the adjacent nature reserves is highly recommended. Outdoor rides on horseback can also be arranged on site for you. In spring, the wildflowers are beautiful, as is the exuberantly flowering blossom. Bird lovers will find many species, including the eagle, the hops and the udling. Come here to enjoy naturism in peace, space and a natural environment.

To the beach? This is also possible, several naturist beaches on the Mediterranean sea can be reached within 45 minutes by car.