Naturism is a way of life characterized by common nudity whose purpose is to promote self-respect, respect for fellow human beings, nature and the environment.

What does naturism actually mean? Centuries ago, it was the most natural thing in the world, to live and work with clothes when you needed to or in your face if the weather allowed it. All social contacts could take place nakedly. Big, fat, small; you only put on clothes when the weather conditions required it. No one thought about this.

What we call civilisation here has changed this. The church, synagogue, temple and mosque were inextricably linked to the church, synagogue, temple and mosque. Accepting or admiring your own body as it is was and still is a taboo. However, there have always been those who question this form of expression of civilization. A civilization that does allow war with each other, scolds each other, hates each other, but faces each other, should not. Naturism was born as a result.

Naturists pursue a form of coexistence, which in a number of respects makes use of life in ancient times, whose nudity is together, if the weather allows and living in conjunction with nature, is an example. Respect for dissenters, people of a different skin colour, the environment, their own and other people's health and love are certainly no strangers to naturistic thinking and doing. You respect each other.

At least ten percent of the Dutch population regularly recreates exposed. It seems plausible that this is no different in other European countries. There are many associations, where naturism can be practiced. Across Europe, legislation is or has been adapted and naturism can develop. Spain has very liberal legislation. In short, it is allowed anywhere except where a private owner of a property does not allow it. In practice, naturists seek quiet beaches and private lands to be like-minded among others. Also in the many nature reserves that Spain is rich, you can sunbathe in a quiet place, undisturbed in your bare. No one looks at this strangely when naked people are visibly present.

To surrender to naturism, most of them have gone through a process of self-victory. From the upbringing not to be used to your bare body and then now with this body together with others, has quite a lot to do. Often for the people who have made this step once, there is only the question why they have not done it before. They experience that nothing at all turns out to be true of the prejudices that are known about naturism. No excessive (overt) sexual behavior, no perfect figures, no exposure for the sake of exposure, no bad comments about your physical shortcomings. Understanding and respect in exposing your inescapableness. A wonderful sense of freedom makes you master. You can be in naturism the way you are.

After celebrating our holidays at naturist campsites for years, we joined the Naturist Swimming Association Delft. It is not for nothing that many of the positions in this association are included in this text. We feel at home and try to put this philosophy into practice on our own small naturist grounds. Respect for each other in the broadest sense of the word (and not in the narrowly legal, religious or political sense) is the most important starting point.

In Spain, naturism is a right. Read more about it here: