Weather & Climate

The climate in the interior of Spain

The weather in our region still enjoys the Mediterranean character for which Spain is so famous. It has mild winters in which frost is a rarity that occurs only in the night hours and then at most once or twice a year. January and February are the winter months until December we often still see nice weather, suitable for sunbathing. (This of course in the afternoon and out of the wind.)

In April the spring begins in which the days get longer and warmer. On the twelfth day of May, the start of summer is celebrated. From that day onwards, good weather can also be expected and rain is the exception.

The warmest summer months (July and August) are pleasant here compared to the interior of Spain. Extremely high temperatures, as often indicated for the Spanish interior on TV, are not common here. We always benefit from the sea breeze and the high location of Casa de cinco Hermanos (706 meters above sea level). The temperatures fluctuate between 30º C and 35º C in these months. The evenings are pleasantly warm for a long time but, due to the altitude, the nights are also nice and cool which promotes a good night’s sleep.

The climate in the rest of the interior is very diverse. This is due to the large differences in altitude and distance from the sea.

In short, it can be said that the further inland the more “continental”, i.e. colder in winter and hotter in summer. Furthermore, in the north it is on average a bit colder than further south. In our region, night frosts sometimes occur in winter.

During the day it is regularly around 20° C here until December. The amount of sunshine and precipitation is similar to that in the Mediterranean region. However, a thunderstorm can occur occasionally in the summer. However, the weather here does not get ‘upset’ as easily as in the Netherlands or in the UK.