We offer all our guests the opportunity to eat with us from Monday to Thursday, in the evening. Of course there are a lot of restaurants nearby and almost all of them are worth a visit. We like to familiarise our guests with the possibilities. The variety is great from cheap yet tasty to expensive, in style and exquisite. From typical Spanish to (yes, you can here too) Indian, Chinese, English and vegetarian. Spaniards can really appreciate a good meal and that is noticeable in variety, amount of restaurants and the price/quality ratios.

Still, guests like to eat with us. After all, there is nothing like a relaxed and above all delicious dinner where no one has to drive back and no clothes are required. Read the reviews on our own ‘guestbook’ and ‘guest reviews’ on the NFN site but all but.

We have a number of basic principles regarding the food:

  • Guests eat with us and that means socialising at the table. The more people eat with them, the cozier the conversation at the table.
  • Conviviality is fuelled by lékker food, always our meals are inspired by Spanish cuisine. The Spanish cuisine offers a great variety and so many delicious dishes. There really is more than Paella that beats the clock in Spain.
  • Slow cooking is what we strive for. Slow cooking is more than taking the time to prepare a dish. What we can grow ourselves, we also grow it ourselves, that which grows in the wild and is useful we also use in our dishes. In addition, we use many seasonal vegetables that are produced locally (if possible ecologically).
  • We don’t buy what we can make ourselves in the store. Have you ever tasted saffron ice cream, or want her homemade dressing for lettuce?
  • What we can buy directly from the producer, we buy it from the producer. For example, there are two shepherds in the valley, one of which also makes cheese.
  • Good food includes a good glass of (house) wine, beer, water or soft drinks.
  • Our house wine is always a locally produced wine. We live in a very well-known wine region D.O. Jumilla and to the east of us is the D.O. Alicante and north the D.O. Yecla. Many bodegas sell at home, so there is no reason to take the wine from far away. There is a lot of variation in wine in the nearby area.