The surroundings of Casa de Cinco Hermanos are packed with culturally interesting places, many of which we have already visited ourselves. We report here on the places we find well worth while.

Jumilla is a nice town where a beautifully restored castle stands on the highest hill. In Jumilla itself you will find old buildings, museums (such as the archaeological and the old crafts museum), nice squares and small old streets and parks during a city walk.


The provincial capital murcia is very nice, with many pedestrian areas, museums and monuments. Most of the sights can be found around the old cathedral. The grounds of the university are also well worth it.


In Orihuela you can stroll around while enjoying ancient architecture. It is a city where many old buildings have been preserved. The Río Seguara runs through the city along which you can also find terraces. Recommended are the cathedral with museum and museum of 'Semana Santa' in which you can see how this holy week is celebrated in the run-up to Easter.


Elche is a city that you should definitely have seen, there the palm tree is originally a protected tree and that can be seen. In Elchoe you can no longer see the forest because of the palm trees. There is a very nice old centre with museums and monuments and a beautiful heempark. The Palmeral shows how the palm is grown and how the old irrigation system works. Elche is not listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for nothing, worth a visit!


Not far from Casa de Cinco Hermanos, Novelda is well worth it. There is a church made of coarse marble dedicated to the patron saint of Novelda, Santa Maria Magdalene, with a special castillo next door. This castle has a triangular tower, which is unique in Spain. In addition, there is the Art Nouveau Museum and a beautiful small centre with many beautiful buildings.

At Calaspara

Not a city, but it's special! In the vicinity of Calaspara we found the Santuario de la Virgen de Esperanza (=the Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of Hope). It is a monastery and a well-washed restaurant on the Río Segura, along which an elongated picnic area is made. Many local people eat their paella here on Sundays or light the BBQ.


Alicante is a nice coastal city. On the promenade are all kinds of nice terraces, for which a reasonable price is offered a good meal. In summer there are daily stalls where tourists can get on all kinds of knickknacks. The Castillo de Santa Barbara is well worth a visit. You can take the elevator up or on foot from the city centre from the promenade. Bring plenty of water, it's quite a climb. If you have less fitness, you can also tour the city with the Hop On Hop Off bus, the bus stops at the top of the castle. In the city centre, beautiful churches are open to the public, such as the Iglesia de San Nicolas (St. Nicholas!). In the town hall, the Ayuntamiento, space has been left open to show the ancient foundations of the Roman settlement that was once here. Furthermore, Alicante has beautiful squares with huge ficussen and numerous old buildings. Finally, there is a nice tourist boat in the harbour and there is a nice city beach.

Castles nearby

If you like castles, you can enjoy themselves in the neighborhood. In Jumilla, Villena, Yecla, Sax, Almansa, Elda, Castalla and also a ruin in Monovar, all worth a visit. The corresponding places each have their own charm.


Last but not least. Close by is the village of Pinoso, which has four supermarkets and some good restaurants. Pinoso is also very friendly during the fiestas.