Finca Del Olmo

Recently an international race track has been opened in the valley between our house and Jumilla: Finca del Olmo.

Fortunately, it is well outside hearing and sight distance, behind a row of hills and so we don’t suffer from it, just profit. The circuit is laid out next to a vineyard. There is also a bodega that is open for visit. The owner and his sons sway with passion. Mother runs the restaurant.

For lovers of speed and danger there is the asphalt circuit, where you can drive karts, motorbikes and fast racing cars (Ferrari and Nissan). Those who are not so sure in the car can take a road safety course.

For lovers of agility there is an off-road circuit where 4X4 cars, buggies and mountain bikes can be driven. Here, too, a course can be followed to learn how to drive a four-wheel drive car. In addition, horse riding can also be done in peace and quiet that the surroundings, despite the race track, can also be ridden.

Of course, safety is key in all these sports, as a cyclist or rider you don’t come across buggies and as a karter you don’t ride between the bikes.