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The weather in our part of Spain

The weather in our region enjoys the influence of the Mediterranean sea for which Spain is famous. It makes the winters soft and summer kindly warm.

The local people consider February the winter-month while December and January have lots of bikini-weather days, fit for sunbathing (of course in the afternoon and protected from the wind).

In April Spring is in the air, days grow longer and temperature rises. On the 12th of May, the start of summer is celebrated. From this day the weather is beautiful. Rain is exceptional.

The warmest summer month, July is cool compared to central Spain. We benefit from the thermal wind from the Mediterranean sea and the high location of Casa de cinco Hermanos (706 meters above sea level). Temperatures vary between 30˚ C to 35˚ C. During these months we forget what rain is.

By day temperatures in December regularly rise up to 20˚ C. High summer the average maximum temperatures varies between 30˚ C and approximately 35˚ C. Temperatures of 40˚ C and above we leave to the Madrid region. The amount of sunshine and rainfall is similar to that in the Mediterranean region. A summer thunderstorm may occasionally occur. The weather here does not go bad for days, as easily as in the UK.






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