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In our region are a lot of possibilities for outdoor activities. On this page you can find some possibilities of walking and biking and other activities.


Walking routes in Spain are surprisingly beautiful. There are a lot of grand routes in all regions of Spain. These Gran Recorrido’s are marked white and red. From these GR’s, Pequeño Recorrido’s (little routes) are marked white and yellow.

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Biking is very well possible in our region. There are routes available for anyone. In the rolling valleys, recreational biking is possible. The slopes in the mountain ranges are fit for sports cyclists. But also die-hard mountain bike cyclists can find their share of difficult paths and slopes.

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Finca del Olmo:

In the valley between our house and Jumilla, an International racing circuit has been build. Finca del Olmo, one can go karting, car racing, motorcycling, off roading in a 4X4 or buggy, horseback riding and mountain biking.

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In the mountainous country called Spain with its environment that produces little wind, it's good paragliding. Casa de cinco Hermanos has found an organization that organizes flights and courses for tourists. There are many places to start a flight in the province of Alicante as well as in the area where Casa de cinco Hermanos is situated. Tandem Flights (together with an experienced pilot) are also possible.

Read more at the ‘paragliding page’


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