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The area near Casa de cinco Hermanos is packed with interesting cultural sites and towns. Meanwhile we have visited a lot of places by ourself. Of the places we find worthwhile we report here.


Jumilla is a nice town with a beautiful almost restored Castillo on the highest hill. In Jumilla along the city walk there are old city buildings, museums (including the archaeological museum and the old crafts museum), nice little old streets, squares and parks.

Photo’s of Jumilla


 Of course, when at Casa de cinco Hermanos you should visit the province capital. Murcia is a nice city with many pedestrian areas, museums and monuments. Around the Cathedral you’ll find the core of attractions. The university campus is definitely worth a visit. You can enjoy a drink on a terrace and a reasonable priced meal. Murcia would not be a Spanish city if it had no Fiesta’s. Through the years there are several multi-day fiesta which are worth a visit. Around Murcia there are also various monasteries, churches, chapels and (walking) trails that are worth a visit.

Photo's of Murcia


In Orihuela you can enjoy old architecture. It is an ancient town where many of the old monumental buildings were preserved. Through the city the Rio Segura runs, where terraces are found. We recommend the Orihuela cathedral museum, and the museum of "Semana Santa" which shows how this holy week leading up to Easter, is celebrated.

Photo’s of Orihuela


Then there is Elche. Elche has traditionally protected the palm tree. This you can see all around Elche. The town has a nice old centre with several museums and monuments, a pretty park and a Palm museum where you can se how Palmtrees are cultivated and irrigated. Elche is really worth a visit it is listed as world heritage by UNESCO.

Photo's of Elche


Near Casa de cinco Hermanos Novelda is a town worth visiting. There is a church built in rough marble, dedicated to the patron saint of Novelda: Santa Maria Magdalena adjoined by a special Castillo. This castle has a triangular tower, unique in Spain. Then there is the Art Nouveau museum and a beautiful town centre, with many beautiful buildings.

Photo’s of Novelda

Photo's of Iglesia Sta Maria Magdalena


Near Calaspara we found the Santuario de la Virgen de Esperanza (= Shrine of the Holy Virgin of Hope). It is a church convent and a large oversized restaurant at the Rio Segura, along which a picnic area was created. Many local people eat here on Sunday their paella or Barbecue Meal.

Photo's of Santuario de la Virgen de Esperanza


Alicante is a nice seaside town. On the boulevard there are several cheap terraces, some of which offer meals for reasonable prices. In the summer there is a daily tourist market. The Castillo de Santa Barbara is definitely worth a visit. It can be visited with an elevator from the promenade and from the city you can walk up. It is recommended to carry enough water and have a good condition when you take this route.
In the city are beautiful churches to visit, Iglesia de San Nicolas (St Nicholas) is a good example. In the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) some floor space is left open to show the ancient foundations of the Roman settlement that was once here. Furthermore Alicante has many squares with huge ficusses and old pretty buildings.

Photo's of Alicante


Who likes to visit Castillo’s can have a splendid time her in Spain. There are castillo in Jumilla, Villena, Yecla, Sax, Almansa, Elda, and a ruin in Castalla Monovar. Each one is worth visiting. These towns all too, have their own charm.

Photo’s of Castillo’s


Last but not least, Pinoso is the nearby village where one can do their shopping and have a restaurant dinner. Pinoso has 4 supermarkets and a 24 hours shop. During Fiësta’s Pinoso is also worth visiting.




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