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What is Naturism?

Naturism is "A way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment."

Many years ago it was natural to live and work without clothing when one could and the weather permitted. All socialising took place without clothes and no-one gave it a second thought.

So-called civilisation changed all that. Nudity was banned by the church, temples, synagogues and mosques and was connected with immorality.
Accepting and admiring your body as it is,
became (and still is) taboo.

There always have been people that challenged
this form of civilisation. A civilisation that goes to
war, allows hate and name-calling,  and intolerance
to each other is impossible. Naturism was born.

Naturists pursue a way of life that uses some of the morality of ancient times. Common nudity (when weather permits) is but one aspect. However, benefits
of the modern time are not ignored. Respect for other people, their attitudes, the environment, your own and other peoples health and love are essentials in naturism. Respect for others demands respect for your own body and soul.

Unfortunately there is a problem that causes naturism to spread slowly and causes many naturists keep quiet about their preference. This is because of the attitudes of people who think differently, and old laws.

Naturism appears to be a negligible part of society but figures tell a different story. At least 10% of all Europeans regularly go to naturist beaches or sauna or are members of naturist clubs. Everywhere in Europe legislation is changing and now naturism can evolve.
In Spain, very liberal laws are in place and naturism is permitted almost everywhere, and in many national parks you can sunbath nude without attracting strange looks. But normally naturists go to the appointed beaches and the private grounds where they mix with each other.



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 In Spain Nudism is another of your Rights.

At this time there is freedom of nudism in any public area in Spain and no authorization is required. Beaches, rivers, lakes, open fields, tracks, roads, streets, squares, parks, etc. are public areas in Spain.

According to the current legislation, nudism cannot be limited, nor sanctioned and even less so forbidden.


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