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Spain is the land of festivals or in Spanish: fiestas. There is no city, village or hamlet that does not have at least an annual fiesta. The Spaniards are proud of their fiestas and take part in large numbers. There are fiestas all year round, but the emphasis is surely in the summer. In every town, parties are organized to celebrate the victory of the Christians against the Moors (Moros y Cristianos) but also specific local patron saints are used as an opportunity to celebrate. On this page we will try to make an overview of the most interesting fiestas in the vicinity of Casa de cinco Hermanos.


Semana Santa

 Semana Santa is the most important and biggest festival which is celebrated throughout Spain. It is the holy week leading up to Easter Sunday. Ten days before Easter on Friday in Jumilla gently starts with a display passion statues in the old downtown streets. The days that followed, various processions are held where the images are carried through the streets by the brotherhoods and associations that solely exist to make Semana Santa possible. On the day of the resurrection of Christ (Easter Sunday), the largest procession in which large amounts of candy are distributed to children (but also adults). Beside the processions there are passion plays and Tamburadas. The first tamburada (a drum procession through the streets) is held to cast away evil spirits who try to seize power in the holy week. The second Tamburada is held to announce the resurrection of Christ.

Photos of Semana Santa


Fiesta de Vendimia

After Semana Santa is the Fiesta de Vendimia Jumilla the biggest fiesta. This celebration always takes place around the date of August 15. It is the celebration of the start of the vintage. The festival is steeped in wine. It starts by offering the first grapes in traditional dress. In this ceremony, the grapes are traditionally pressed, the most can be tasted by those present. During the ceremony, El Niño de las Uvas (The Infant Jesus of the grapes) is begged to provide a good harvest and the local priest blesses the harvest.

Very much worth a visit are the Cabalgatas. A Cabalgata is a parade. During the Fiesta de Vendimia there are two parades: the traditional parade (Cabalgata tradicional) and the big parade (La Gran Cabalgata). During the traditional parade the wineries of Jumilla present themselves and serve out cups of wine and snacks. La Gran Cabalgata was created to accommodate the youth. During the traditional parade the youth used to drink too much wine and started to disturb the parade. The organization has solved this problem by organizing the Gran Cabalgata. During this parade floats drive through the streets an spray large quantities of wine and everything you catch in your mouth is yours. At the end of this procession the streets are red. Despite the exuberant celebration you can witness this procession, and yet stay clean.

Besides all these festivities there are, a fair, carnival and a variety of lovely terraces where you can eat and enjoy the Spanish Sweet Life.

Photos of the Vendimia


Assumption Day

It is also worthwhile to mention the procession on August 15. This is the day of Assumption and is widely celebrated in Spain. In Jumilla the Virgin de la Ascuncion (our patron saint) is taken from the church into a long procession of Moors and Christians through the streets of the old city. When you are in the vicinity on this date you must visit this procession.

Photos of this procession


Soon more fiestas on this page.


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