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Presently at Casa de cinco Hermanos


We have a sauna!!

It took us a long time, but now the sauna is ready. After a summer with many guests and building during every free moment it is really there.

Click here to view the photos of the sauna


We have a boules court. Having nothing to do, we decided to build a boules court. Of course a naturist resort can't do without a boules court. We had a piece of land, next to the latest stone casita (condo), which was left there with only a nice view. Now it's a nice court, with a twin seat and a swing bench and of course boules for our guests to use.

A canopy bed, who sleeps in a canopy bed? In this canopy bed you can relax, sleep, read, chat or listen to the sound of silence. We have build the bed beside the pool terrace.

So you can enjoy the wonderful peace between two dips in the water. In the near future shade will be provided by vines. In the mean time twig mats will do the job

From today we have a gas grill available for our guests. This barbecue can be used by anyone staying with us, free of charge.

We have placed a picnic table nearby.

After a successful experiment last year, we can now offer our guests, acces to the internet. If you have a laptop with WIFI you can access the internet, send and receive e-mail, in the rooms and sunroom free of charge.

We have turned the terrace in front of our house into a conservatory. This conservatory has many doors so, in the summer it still remains a cool place. In the early spring, late autumn and winter of course it is a nice warm place where it is a good place to be. We have all kinds of games and of course guests can lounge there. We also now have a big table which can easily accommodate ten people. Cozy!

After much work by ourselves and others we have recently added a wine cellar in a cave that we found in one of our fields. We have bought quite a few local wines that are stored there and waiting for the connoisseurs among our guests. These wines we tasted ourselves during visits to local wineries, all the bear the title Denominacion de Origen Jumilla (the local quality label). They are all fine wines from the area.

We now have a sunroof especially made near the pool for everyone to enjoy either sun or shadow when sitting by the pool.

We now are the proud owners of a bigger car. It is a Fiat Dobló in which we can easily carry four passengers and their luggage. This service we now offer for a fair price.

Also we can bring people to the start of their hiking or biking route or collect them at the end of the route.

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